Service at Hillfield Motor Company

Regular routine maintenance of your vehicle is essential and can be something that is easily overlooked. Professional servicing helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle as well as identifying faults before they develop into more serious problems. Different vehicles require different servicing levels depending on the age, make and model of vehicle; please refer to your manufacturer's handbook for detailed information.

Vehicle Maintenance Service - Standard: This comprises of a 45 point check including a full tyre and brake inspection. This type of service is more suited to vehicles used mainly for short urban journeys or for people doing high mileage, in between their annual service.

Vehicle Maintenance Service - Comprehensive: This comprises of a 50 point check including a full tyre and brake Inspection and is recommended every 12,000 miles (or 12 months), whichever comes sooner. If you are in doubt when your vehicle was last serviced, we would always recommend this type of service.